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Your all-in-one trading education service for new and experienced traders. Learn options, day trading, swing trading, and gain stock market insights. Our unique stock trading system utilizes advanced algorithms and machine learning techniques to identify profitable trading opportunities in the ever-changing financial markets. Unlike traditional approaches, our system combines both technical and fundamental analysis, taking into account various factors such as price trends, volume patterns, market sentiment, unusual options activity, and company fundamentals.  Enhance your skills with us.

We provide real time alerts with entry/exit points and distribute a watchlist that is updated every regularly. Trade ideas include support/resistance levels and price targets.​

But wait there's more, we also provide guidance in position sizing, risk management and differentiate between various levels of risk for every trade.


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Capital Trading is a community platform which encourages all members to share due diligence, and information that can provide a potential edge in the market. Through this collaborative nature we hope to educate hopeful traders and profit with knowledge of the markets.

Results may not be typical and may vary from person to person. Trading involves significant risk and trading successfully requires hard work and dedication. Do not trade above your risk tolerance. Trading turns into gambling very quickly without a proper risk management framework and trading plan. 

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